Reasons to become a Buddhist
With an estimate of close to 10,000 distinct religions all across the world, choosing an ideal religious affiliation can be real hectic; especially because these religions vary in terms of sets of beliefs, dogmas, feelings, and practices that define the relationship between human beings and divinity. The idea behind subscribing to a particular religious group out of tens of thousands of options depend on some factors tied to the person and the religion. In essence, a given religion is defined on the parameters of the community like rites, sacred books, organization, interdicts, sacrament, moral prescription, and worship among many others. There is a wide range of special reasons why, as an ideal religion seeker, you ought to forego the world’s popular religious groups such as Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity among others and join Buddhism.
Buddhism, although it possesses characteristics of a religion, which qualify it as a religion, it is not a typical religion as compared to others. In fact, some theological experts have gone further to argue that it is more than just a religion. This is because the approach of Buddhism is very much like that of science – believers don’t have to accept and practice certain principles out of sheer devotion and belief – but rely on scientific reasoning that involves deep analysis, logic, pragmatic approach and reasoning in trying out the lessons of Buddha and seeing whether they produce what he had suggested, that is, appropriately dealing with problems and peace of mind. In fact, his Holiness Dalai Lama emphasizes the rational, practical, and analytical aspects of Buddhism and people find this appealing hence the unstoppable growth of the religion.
Interestingly, Buddhism is the only mainstream religion that is not affiliated with war and various forms of violence. Buddhism advocates for peace, and true happiness as these are some of the main teachings of Buddha. Although the other known religious’ groups also preach peace, certain groups, in particular, Islam has, on many occasions, been linked to terrorism and other kinds of acts of violence. Christianity is also a peaceful religion, but if necessary, they go to war for their religion. This is shown on historical aspects of dominions like Catholicism, a group that would have a well-trained and sufficiently equipped army to “protect” the religion. Becoming a Buddhist essentially means becoming as peaceful as possible and not having to worry about unnecessary things that could lead to war.
Buddhism recognizes the fact that every human, at all times, suffers from something – emotionally, physically, or psychologically. For this reason, there are a variety of methods from Buddhism that help with pain control. When he left the palace as a husband, father, and a prince, Buddha encountered different people suffering from all kinds of pain. He gave up everything to discover ways of dealing with pain, a decision that took him several years with a lot of sacrifices to succeed. Buddha suggested ways of dealing with pain through breathing meditation, a practice that is not only in the religion but also borrowed by other types of religions and also promoted in various healthcare centers — becoming a Buddhist means not having to worry about pain anymore.
Human beings are, by nature, designed always to want more. Humans are the only creation that desires more than what they need. Always wanting more is a behavior termed as greediness and this is one of the contributing factors ranging from personal to global issues. The act of always demanding more causes things like fights, quarrels, crime, immorality, war, and others. Buddhism teaches a person to have increased satisfaction and moderation in their wishes. According to Buddha’s teachings (the four noble truths and others), the root of suffering is desire, which he termed, in the ancient language, tanha. Greed and desire top the list of one of the three roots of evil. Becoming a Buddhist means being content with what you have and for this reason, there has never been an extremely wealthy Buddhist who acquired his wealth through illegal or immoral ways.


How Enduring Novels Shape our Society

Literature has had a significant impact on societal development by shaping different forms of civilization, exposed injustice, as well as change different forms of system. As a result, literature helps to give us a comprehensive preview of human experiences hence allowing us to associate and relate on basic emotional and desirable levels. Therefore, majority of the enduring novels written have had their fair share of shaping our society in different points of view. For instance, looking at Shakespeare’s Othello, which is a late 1990s playwright upon its successful production in the United States as well as all round the world. This play might make one to wonder why it has gained popularity in today’s society compared to other classical tragedies, which has significant impact on our society. Personally, I believe that the play was influential in shaping the society based on the issues as well as themes it addressed throughout the entire play. Some of the issues and themes evident in this play form the basis of people’s lives within a society and as a result, people can relate with them. Therefore, the impact of this play is because of the sociological, historical, and psychological impact it brings within the society.
In majority of the plays created, writers tend to use themes, which are deemed relevant to the 21st Century society even if the plays such as Othello were written during Shakespeare’s era. The themes surrounding Othello are correlated with the complexity surrounding jealous, betrayal, and love as a we see Othello committing the ultimate crime of passion. Such themes are common throughout the global societies with instances such as the case of perceived of actual form of racial prejudice, which seems responsible form majority of the societal problems. This is evident from the play when Othello is referred to different racial slurs such as thick lips and Barbary horse. This depiction is not different from the society today among the white Venetian society. Moreover, the play also exhibits other forms of prejudice such as misogyny. Such cases are a total reflection of the society where the common minority groups are abused such as the people of color who are commonly abused by other races, which deem themselves superior than them and the women who are abused by chauvinists.
Other than the impact this story contributes towards literature and language, the basic theme in Othello is a man’s battle with his psychological conflicts. The antagonist, Iago gives the reader insight into his demented mind by using soliloquy hence Shakespeare applies this technique to let the reader know about what he is feeling, plotting, and thinking. Based on the story, Iago is one of the moral enemies who is a friend that is backstabbing us. Therefore, his portrayal from the story is a depiction of pure evil and someone we should be wary of in real life setting. In addition, the story’s protagonist, Othello, is a character who suffers with the conventional man’s own fear. He suffers immensely on his arrogance and he is scared of hurting his pride. Therefore, the main conflict in his life is jealousy and with the reflection of our society today, jealousy is a vice, which people have to deal with in their everyday lives. At least every individual has been a victim to the green-eyed monster.
Looking through the society today, I can assert that adultery and infidelity are the biggest causes of divorce. Regardless of how good a partner could be, doubt will always find its way and take over our judgement. This analogy is evident in the paly when Iago confronts Othello about Desdemona’s possibility of being unfaithful. When Othello demand for physical proof of these allegations, Iago steals Othello’s handkerchief and he transfers it to the possession of Cassio after which Othello sees him with it. This story can be relevant with the society today where we are surrounded with characters like Iago and it is important to be careful with them because they can manipulate and destroy people. Iago’s deceit makes Othello to kill his wife thus proving the extent people can take to do selfish acts. This scene is important because it enlightens the readers to be vigilant on the people around them and it is important to know a person’s intention in our lives because not everybody has the right intentions. In addition, the prejudice surrounding men and women is augmented through the practice as social tolerance of discrimination as well as the concept that violence against women is justified from the behavior the woman exhibits such as a woman having an affair with another man.
Othello has influential contents, which are important in making the society a better place to live. Through education, people can learn about the social ecology from different subjects such as sociology, criminology, psychology, and ecology. Therefore, a play such as Othello has implemented that kind of knowledge to develop captivating plots, which address several societal issues. For instance in Othello, the play has addressed domestic violence because Othello’s abuse towards his wife, Desdemona is a clear description of family violence as an aspect with different perspectives of developing behavior. This book offers a clear outlook on domestic violence and as a powerful fiction; it has influenced the society by changing the view regarding domestic abuse. Therefore, with the outcome of Iago’s deceit which resulted in the death of Othello’s wife and his successive suicide, the society gets an insight on how domestic violence usually ends and in turn, show people how it is never an option when it comes to solving our family matters. Therefore, the play has been influential in changing how people think by sparking conversations among people on the significance as well as opinions regarding the playwright.
Creative stories have been an important tool since their inception with many people reading them for entertainment but their impact goes beyond entertainment. Therefore, an enduring novel such as Othello has achieved more crucial role based on their dramatic impact they have had on the entire society hence its purpose going beyond entertainment. For instance, the discussion has looked into the playwright of Othello on how it has reflected as well as influenced the society since it was created and it is still relevant in the modern society. The play has been used as an example, because of its significance impact to the society thanks to its relevant themes and demonstrations Shakespeare has used in development of the playwright’s literature. Consequently, Shakespeare’s creativity has been important in shading light into various societal aspects as well as influence the society in the right way through entertainment of the play.

Foundation of finance

Question 11 (answer all parts) Sports plc expects this year earnings of £6 per share and plans to pay a £2.5 dividend per share, retaining the rest to reinvest in new projects with an expected return of 10% per year. Assuming that Sports plc will maintain the same dividend payout rate and return on new investments in the future and will not change the number of outstanding shares: a) What is the earnings growth rate according to the plans of Sports plc? (5 marks) b) If the equity cost of capital for Sports plc is 8% per year, what is your estimate of its share price? (5 marks) c) Suppose now that Sports plc examines an alternative plan according to which it would instead pay a £1.5 dividend per share and it would retain the remaining earnings for new investment projects that would yield an expected return of 12% per year. However, this alternative payout and investment policy would increase its riskiness, and hence its cost of equity capital would increase to 10% per year. If Sports plc maintains this lower payout rate in the future, what is your estimate of its share price according to this alternative plan? Would you advise the board of directors to adopt this alternative plan? Explain your answer. (15 marks) d) Discuss the limitations of the dividend discount model.

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Analyzing a Company

Assuming the role of an independent financial analyst you are required to draft a business analysis report aimed at a prudent investor.

As a minimum your report should cover the following areas:

i) Short report introduction and executive summary
ii) Critical evaluation of the process of analysing company performance prior to
undertaking investment
iii) Discuss the benefits and limitations of using a platform such as Bloomberg to support macro, industry and business analysis
iv) Outline the key strengths and weaknesses of your allocated organisation over the past few years, your report should utilise (not repeat) research and analysis presented as part of the assessed group work
v) Benchmark key performance areas (financial and non-financial) of your allocated organisation against that of its primary competitor(s)
vi) Conclude your report with an outline of key considerations and advice for your prudent investor

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